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Early autumn to mix with high heels appeal
11 Of september 2014 | Published in General | Views: 2650 | Comments: 0
Early autumn temperature increasing added more options to match, this one day look will recommend you very Christian louboutin montreal smart and very have feminine taste chalaza sandal is tie-in, sexy sandals and frivolous early autumn outfit will sparks of how to do, and see it together.

This day a look fashion (weibo) blogger Aimee Song bring with high heels collocation, she chooses to dress collocation of fashionable bright color with high heels have feminine taste very much, Canada christian louboutin outlet and the collocation of whole body gray to look more comfortable leisure style, and deserve to act the role of golden light up the whole body, choose show class both refined and, as you can see Aimee the collocation of good taste.

Waist thick and thin is a figure with very real dress collocation, for lace-up high-heeled sandals also very applicable. Upper body can wear a two-piece, for example, plus a T-shirt or Christian louboutin shoes discount sweater and skirt if the weather is hot shirt and vest is good also, and choose to cultivate one's morality dress or shorts are good, again tie-in sexy lace-up high-heeled shoes, charm immediately.

Buy some sunglasses to adjust collocation (2) if not head is dressed up, with high heels can make low christian louboutin center of gravity of the collocation, whole looks not enough coordination, and hats and shoes style is not enough, so the sunglasses will be your best choice.

It seems fashion bloggers Margaret Zhang also love with high heels, she with a suit jacket and tie belt high heels collocation more has the flavor of the professional women, handbags and sunglasses and christian louboutin outlet fur make collocation more glamorous, mix stand out big woman aura is dye-in-the-wood.

Gorgeous high heels
04 Of august 2014 | Published in General | Views: 2642 | Comments: 0
The gorgeous beautiful still see details, actually the main elaborate craft and material determines the value. We can use the "crazy" on behalf of christian louboutin canada the women love for package, we can also use "crazy" on behalf of the women love for shoes, shoe bag is therefore decided that the emphasis of a woman taste. This luxury choose recommend ten shoes, they are beautiful and can modify the foot is the feature of back, have the effect of kill two birds with one stone. Some are not satisfied with his instep lady can christian louboutin outlet choose such high heels, adorn the foot can also show thin effect on the vision.

Sure every women wanting a shoe ark, can have a pair of high heels, no matter go to work, or go out shopping, or go to dinner party,christian louboutin sale  can't the lack of its existence. Even if you don't wear, is also necessary to a pair of one thousand in case. At the same time, different creative design on behalf of the charm is also different. If you also want to displace glamour woman, you look at the most Christian louboutin montreal significant tall and thin with fish mouth high-heeled shoes, whether it's the weekend date or go out usually, can let your charm full marks!

Italian urologists maria - cut ruto for 66 women under the age of 50 had done a survey, the results show that wear high heels, Canada christian louboutin outlet related to sexual pleasure muscle groups will be strained, fully exercise, which makes the vagina more sensitive, more strength and elasticity. France's shoe designer Christian louboutin - further stated that women wear high heels, legs tension is like place oneself in the state of sex, this is also the reason of why many women prefer high heels.

Fashion beautiful red shoes
23 of july 2014 | Published in General | Views: 3851 | Comments: 4
In today's society, christian louboutin both strange and familiar with women, called "beauty", it easy to call people's, called listen shu xin. Because each girls all want to be beauty, after all it is s a judge a book by its cover. In fact, the beauty of a woman, born three points, seven points of dress up. In this era of individual character make public, everyone can freely choose to suit their own clothing, also naturally show their most beautiful side,christian louboutin canada  natural beauty in the streets, it is not surprising.

Age is the Achilles' heel of women, who asked about who is sad. Age in women face depicted the deepest when aged portrays the fine lines on the face of the woman, that is the beauty of the precipitation. Now, of course, christian louboutin shoes women do not allow age on own beauty depicts the appearance of fine lines. They carefully at all at any time to dress up yourself, investment in yourself. So the young flower would bloom unbeaten.

A woman needs a powdery christian louboutin sale  cake decorations xu had, a set of clothes and a pair of shoes. Yes, beautiful magic shoes is a woman. Treasure mani fashion women's shoes brand arises at the historic moment, therefore, it is comfortable, fashionable and elegant style of the brand, the female decent beauty show incisively and vividly, a blend of both the international women's shoes the trend of elements, and the Christian louboutin montreal appropriate according to the beauty of the Oriental female design suitable for shoes, make full became synonymous with beautiful and fashionable life.

Joker summer fashion shoes
17 of july 2014 | Published in General | Views: 33192 | Comments: 17
High-heeled shoes is a symbol of sexy, beautiful leg and high-heeled shoes, don't attract eyeball. Women wear high heels, Christian Louboutin Outlet the pelvis will forward, gravity line forward, in order to maintain stability, certainly will take hold out a bosom, waist and back and ass posture to reestablish equilibrium, of the female curvaceous and therefore get the best display. After wearing high heels, accelerating the whole spinal degenerative changes in human body, maintain excessive and persistent after stretch of the Christian Louboutin Outlet Online lumbar spine, waist is in a state of tense contraction and long-term strain of lumbar muscles.

Romantic breath, long history, rich cultural deposits and constant innovation, advance with The Times, seems to be more Christian Louboutin Outlet Store get the favour of consumers, and Laura Nick's charm. Laura Nick itself is a beautiful love story, it contains the meaning of love and thick soft heart deeply impressed by women, which contains the courage to pursue love also have certainly women, the most important is the perfect design of roller Nick is the integration of British queen air fan and a blend of Oriental female beauty implicative Christian Louboutin Outlet Online Store inside collect, all of these make the roller Nick shoes is sending out the charming atmosphere, let the women in one fell swoop madly, unable to extricate themselves.

Red wedding shoe hold elegant queens
15 of july 2014 | Published in General | Views: 29426 | Comments: 33

Recently, the big red is becoming more Christian Louboutin Outlet and more fashion, is no longer synonymous with soil or vulgar. When the bride wearing red wedding shoe immediately become queens have? See below a few bright red wedding shoes, fashionable new wouldn't say cheesy, so the greasy shoes on their feet, fabulous Christian Louboutin Outlet Online wedding what are you waiting for!

The Joe rossi's patent leather Christian Louboutin Outlet Store high heels and heel collage metal butterfly shape decoration, and the shoe body luster bright contrast, elegant and graceful and restrained, the bride easily become the focus.

Used with pointy shoes in the red point Christian Louboutin Outlet Online Store and fine and to build strong woman flavour, broadband bowknot ankle strap is full of the feeling of elegant quiet, elegant temperament is deeply impressed.

Brand shoes to meet women love beautiful heart
11 of july 2014 | Published in General | Views: 97944 | Comments: 350

Designers on the design of the Christian Louboutin Outlet  loafers at pains, also one of the biggest bright spot is the humorous cartoon element is blended in among them. Like a lot of loafers elements are joined in the cartoon, animal models, wacky Christian Louboutin Outlet Online design and pattern let loafers have let a person see the changed expression in stitches. So, choose a pair of loafers for yourself in the summer, you can have a standard, which is able to make you laugh while see loafers, must be a good loafers.

Loafers English original word the meaning Christian Louboutin Outlet Store of the word "Loaf" refers to a kind of leisure lifestyle, and represents a Loafer is a group of people who have this comfortable life of leisure attitude, and loafers itself, that is, on behalf of the free unfettered attitude towards life. Therefore, the most suitable for summer loafers is colorful, so is very popular this summer of high bright color shoes, Christian Louboutin Outlet Online Store such as bright pink, fluorspar yellow, grass green, blue, etc., are all loafers this summer colors.
The high-heeled sandals in the summer
09 of july 2014 | Published in General | Views: 4564 | Comments: 6

Women seem to be unable to resist the charm of high heels, especially the ten brand of high heels, beauty to friends, a lifetime has ten Christian Louboutin Outlet double is enough!

In ChristianLouboutin eyes, has a beautiful face and a pair of beautiful shoes are equally important. The ChristianLouboutin high heels, Christian Louboutin Outlet Online shoes "details" of all those senior arts and crafts like women make up.

About the origin of "red shoes" is when he saw a female assistant daub red nail polish, bright-coloured colour and lustre is inspired his inspiration, so will apply to the sole is red, and produced the price of each pair for $500, Christian Louboutin Outlet Store but following a myth of Christian Louboutin heels.

Flat IN a street this year wind and abandoned the high-heeled shoes of atmospheric field and intractability, flat sandals on modelling, not only comfortable and cool and refreshing, modern degree perfectly, many don't wear high heels out fashionable young women who have bought the most beautiful flats IN replacement Christian Louboutin Outlet Online Store shoe ark.

Louboutin shoes brand. Believe that now everybody impression of Roger took apart from "comma shoes", there must be rhombus plaid package. Sixty years since the last century on behalf of Yves Saint Laurent shoes design, Roger took in the works of many aristocratic ladies shine above the ankle.
Fashion beautiful shoes
07 of july 2014 | Published in General | Views: 149621 | Comments: 334
Recently, French fashion brand Christian Louboutin Outlet  in chengdu IFS present bright Sweet Charity bags this year qiu dong, superb technology and unique charm of display design.
Brand website with Sweet Charity handbags as the focus, and foils with exotic birds. A customer with a click of the mouse for the handbag with colour profusion of qiu dong in 2014. Since autumn/winter 2009 launch, Sweet Charity has Christian Louboutin Outlet Online always been the star products of the brand. Practical adornment theme is also found in a delicate chain belt and hand dyed leather. Sweet Charity has big shoulder bag styles, the most suitable for living busy but rich lady, and small bag is suitable for day and night different occasions, and mini. New winter 2014, handbag more with a series of brilliant colors, including blue and orange color cowhide, pink and color rivet, and silver flashes of leather.

Mr Carl Zeiss in Germany since 1846 to start the first optical workshop, Zeiss company with its major achievement in the optical fields Christian Louboutin Outlet Store and constantly promote the development of industry of technological innovation, become the precision engineering industry benchmarking. In 1912, launched the first piece of Zeiss medical precise lenses Punktal ?. In 1924, the sun protection lens ZEISS Umbral birth; In 1969, the first landing on the moon using Zeiss camera... In 2014, Zeiss to start producing brand sunglasses products.
Zeiss the launch of the sun glasses engraved on each piece of lenses with the word "Z", "Z" is not only the product Christian Louboutin Outlet Online Store identification of Zeiss optics, exquisite technology and fine craft and the symbol of protection.

the latest information
03 of july 2014 | Published in General | Views: 852 | Comments: 0
Vestito nero stampa impunture + rivetto rosso tacchi a spillo + borsa nera, corpetto nero

stampati con il vestito rosso Christian Louboutin collocazione, la classica collocazione rosso e nero è

stupendo hanno sentimenti amorosi, tacchi a spillo rivetti sono sexy moda.

Senza scarpe col tacco alto può essere molto bello, niente scarpe col tacco alto anche possono abbinare

con il vestito, non hanno bisogno Christian Louboutin outlet di tacchi alti per vestire è il più comodo più

abbigliamento casual up, oggi piccolo trucco ti fa vedere se non hanno bisogno di tacchi alti,

Scarpe bilanciamento vestito ancora bagnato e bello, da non perdere una tale confortevole

così piccolo e puro e fresco, oh.

Un abito bianco, il tempo libero e scarpe christian louboutin  semplice abito, come indossare tutti abbastanza elegante, con dolce

e il gusto puro e fresco. Pacchetto di moda hip del pannello esterno, il contorno della figura sexy.

Indossare scarpe casual piatte, tie-in singolo sacchetto di spalla nero, bello e commovente.

Griglia spalline, elegante e bello Christian louboutin italia stile di abbigliamento sull'età meno, lo stile della scuola,

soprattutto dimostrare di gara. Tie-in camicia bianca con maniche corte, in piedi sul

scarpe da ginnastica bianche, con il singolo sacchetto di spalla, indossando cappello di paglia intrecciata, languido è pigro.